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Retriev-R-Trainer Canvas Launcher Dummies

The new insert eliminates the concern of rust and drastically reduces the recoil on launch.

Our RRT Canvas Dummies are manufactured with a coated water and moisture resistant fabric over foam. Their size and construction give the perfect reflection of a bird.

They hold sent well, either by applying the scent manually or storing them in a air tight bag with harvested feathers and wings. RRT Canvas dummies retain the status of the best & most durable dummies in the industry. The hand crafted quality of our canvas dummies will exceed your expectations.

We offer various colors with the addition of tail or streamer to fulfill your training needs.

  • The best & most durable dummies in the industry.
  • Various colors available!
Absolutely great bumpers and Aluminum inserts . Went back to try all the new improvements a big A+++ after 28 yrs of using everything these are made great ….great ppl great products now ! All the dogs loved everything and great feel for the dog when picking up ! Less recoil for the shooter now being lighter. - -PUDDLE DUCK LABS

The RRT Canvas Dummies will greatly benefit your land or water training!

The aluminum insert is machined from solid aluminum to ensure great strength and durability.  The new insert eliminates the concern of rust and drastically reduces the recoil on launch.

All Dummies are guaranteed for a period of ONE YEAR from date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

37-106 Black & White Canvas Dummy
37-107 Black & White Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-108 Black & White Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

37-109 Blue Canvas Dummy
37-110 Blue Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-111 Blue Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

37-103 Camo Canvas Dummy
37-104 Camo Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-105 Camo Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

37-010 Green Canvas Dummy
37-011 Green Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-015 Green Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

37-012 Orange Canvas Dummy
37-013 Orange Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-016 Orange Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

37-094 Hot Pink Canvas Dummy
37-095 Hot Pink Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-096 Hot Pink Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

37-100 Purple Canvas Dummy
37-101 Purple Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-102 Purple Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

37-003 Red Canvas Dummy
37-029 Red Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-032 Red Canvas Dummy w/streamer

37-002 White Canvas Dummy
37-026 White Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-025 White Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

37-097 Yellow Canvas Dummy
37-098 Yellow Canvas Dummy w/Tail
37-099 Yellow Canvas Dummy w/Streamer

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