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Retriev-R-Trainer Plastic Launcher Dummies

Our plastic dummies are a made of a dense foam and coated with a PVC skin for superior water resistance.

The design of the dummy allows it to travel over twice as far as the canvas dummy.

Our plastic launcher dummies are the ideal dummy to utilize for long distance retrieves and water training. RRT Plastic dummies offer surprising distance in the training field. Their sleek aerodynamic design allows for far distance launches and are optimal for water training exercises.

Add a tail or streamer to any color plastic dummy to decrease the distance & increase your dogs marking ability.

  • New design & colors!
  • Great for long distance & water training.
  • The new insert eliminates the concern of rust and drastically reduces the recoil on launch.
"I like the construction of the new dummies! I used them yesterday and just as you said, they produce less recoil and travel further!" - Jim TN

Our RRT Plastic Dummies are manufactured with thick skinned plastic foam for superior water resistance.  The foam has slight give to mimic the soft body of a bird and to increase retrieving efficiency in the water.
The aerodynamic design allows it to travel twice as far as the RRT Canvas Dummies.  Additionally the enclosed body lends aid to more precise placement of the launched dummy.
The RRT Plastic Dummies are the optimal training dummy for long distance retrieves and water training!
The aluminum insert is machine from solid aluminum to ensure great strength and durability.
All Dummies are guaranteed for a period of ONE YEAR from date of purchase against manufacturing defects.


37-052 White Plastic Dummy
37-027 White Plastic Dummy with Tail
37-030 White Plastic Dummy with Streamer

37-017 Black & White Plastic Flasher Dummy
37-018 Black & White Plastic Flasher Dummy with Tail
37-019 Black & White Plastic Flasher with Streamer

37-053 Red Plastic Dummy
37-028 Red Plastic Dummy with Tail
37-031 Red Plastic Dummy with Streamer

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