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Let me start off by saying I have never been happier with the Versa Launcher and the way it performs, great idea that’s been a great product.  Thanks for the great product, my water spaniel loves it, and it will definitely help to get him to his Senior Hunter Retriever this summer.

Robert Goodman, NY

I purchased the Lucky Launcher II about a month ago. I love it and so does my 5 month old Lab. It is so much easier to use than the two handed launcher I purchased at first. My puppy gets so excited when I open the barn where the store the launcher, she has even knocked it off the bench trying to get me to train her. I noticed one day that one of the pistol grips was cracked (probably from my pup pulling it off the bench) I called the manufacturer wanting to purchase a replacement set of grips. These folks are awesome, sent me a set free of charge even though it was my fault they cracked. Buy this launcher, you too will be very pleased!!! 5 STARS

Ed, Texas

I want to thank you so much for sending me the O-rings and the new dummy! What a nice product. I love the insert. You guys have those dummies built for use now. We received it Saturday afternoon and its been in use already. Our dove season opens tomorrow at noon so I have been shooting it over the trees to the other side of the creek for Miss Maggie Mae. She needs to get use to things falling through and over trees and in brush. We do something most every day.

Rex Hinkle, R.T.J. Specialized Services

I have to say after years with dogs and training professionally since 1981. Competing in conformation, obedience AKC, UKC hunt test, Judging Hunt test, an avid Duck, Dove, Goose Hunter. No product is better than RETRIEVER R TRAINER.

I have Zinger Wingers and some products I will not mention that are worthless in reliability and customer service. So if you want a product that can last 40 years and anytime you need something new or new dummies this is your company. SUPER PEOPLE AND SUPERIOR PRODUCTS.

I can say they stand the test of time here at RAVE Retrievers. We are rough on products, clean rarely and maybe run over them a few times. They have had held and remote launchers. And their dummies do not blow up. We endorse this company! Thanks guys for a great AMERICAN product!

A Reliable Product!
Debra Lee, RAVE Retrievers www.raveretrievers.com

My son has his own Boykin Spaniel now and is training his dog with the same launcher I used on my Boykin way back when I was coming up.  You can be proud of making a product that lasts so incredibly long.  I’ll certainly let anyone know that there is only one launcher they need to buy – yours.

David, South Carolina

This is a great product that helped my visualize with not only retrieving but also associating the sound of gunfire with the falling of the bird.
This product will keep you out in the field training longer and better than you could ever do throwing a bird dummy.

Trainer Iowa

The Retrieve-R-Trainer has been a great addition to my training regimen. There’s nothing like making a loud noise and seeing the dummy fall to get my Lab puppy excited about retrieving. The only thing that gets my Lab puppy more excited is seeing a real duck fall after the shotgun goes off.

Barrattcs, VA

I bought this instead of buying the .22 starter pistol and it appears to be paying off. I have a 5 month old lab puppy who was a little skidish the first time i shot a real gun around her. I bought this to help associating noise with retrieving and she loves it. This kit comes with every thing you need to get started, and i purchased the teal dummy as well. It ejects the casing every time and is plenty loud.

Oufoodballfan, Oklahoma City

Really like the Retriever-R-Trainer. It fires 1st time all the time. It goes the right distance, and my dog absoultly love working with the trainer.

Rod Washington

A must have to train your dog to mark a target when a shot is fired. Plus dogs love it.

Dogs Love It!
Hardrock, NC

My 14 month old lab goes nuts when she sees this come out ! She was getting bored with the hand thrown dummies to the point of not retrieving them all the time . Now we can work on staying at the shot until released + watching the flight all the way down. Then when it hits in the tall stuff she has started to cast into the wind to find it + will look back for hand signs.


Even though I have only used this item a few times I can already see the benefit of having one. Teaching the dog to mark along with the sound of gun fire from the gun makes this item a must for any serious dog trainer. The kit that the gun comes in makes it easy to keep everything together.

Anonymous, IA

The Retriever-R-Trainer re-ignited my first Lab’s interest in Training. She had grown tired of fetching hand-thrown dummies as if she was insulted at their simplicity. The report and the height and distance of the marks really helped.

JBertin, LA

This is the #1 training tool that I have bought for my new English pointer. Dixe was getting bored of my 10 yard thows of the dummy. The launcher does severl things well. First it introduces your dog to the noise of a gun shot. Second it throws the dummy much much farther then you can manually. Finally with the dummy going so far my dog often has to make a blind retieve and rely on her nose to find the dummy. I do recomned getting the shoulder stock, the recoil on just the hand held launcher is a bit much.

The #1 Training Tool
PonyK, SD

Our 8 month old Chocolate Lab loves to work out with this tool. We put some pheasant or waterfowl sent on the dummy and shoot it into the taller grass and she has a great time smelling it out and bring it back to us.

A Great Tool for Introducing Your Dog to the Gun Shoot Sound!
SD Hunt

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