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The Retrieve-R-Trainer lived up to all of my expectations, it is easy to use, reliable and my Dogs love it when it is brought into the training field , it works well and is easy to handle. It is loud so I would recommend hearing protection, the kit is a wonderful starting point and works well. Overall I highly recommend this training device.

Lived Up to All of my Expectations
SpringerSpanielMan, Kansas

Richard A. Wolters spoke of this valueable tool in Water Dog back in his 1960′s book and it will be true til the end of time. I’ve never worn one out. I’ve loaned a couple out and never had them returned. I’ve bought my last one. I will not be loaning this one out to anyone. They can buy their own.

BayouStateHunter1, Louisiana

My pups were getting bored with my weak arm but with the Retrieve-R-Trainer, for some reason, with the “fetch” command they head for the dummy like a rocket through space and can’t wait for the next one. Sometimes I give the command when the dummy is still in the air and then its after-burner time. For both the pups and I its become fun again just like the real hunt. I try to fool them but they have learned to mark much better and very seldom miss it. Its truly making them better companions in the field and increased their ability to fill the game bag which is what its all about.

Sunman, Montana

Great equipment to work with makes our drills go so well.

Randy F

This has been an invaluable tool for training Archer! He got used to the gunshot close by when he was a pup and now we can get the long runs and swims we need without having to find a bird thrower or boat. I love that there are different dummies that you can launch from the Retriev-R-Trainer… Nice to mix it up. Thanks for this great training tool!

An Invaluable Tool!
Shelley Leidner “Archer”

Went back to try all the new improvements a big A+++ after 28 yrs of using everything these are made great…great people, great products now! All the dogs loved everything and great feel for the dog when picking up! Less recoil for the shooter now being lighter.

Absolutely Great Bumpers and Aluminum Inserts.
Puddle Duck Labs www.puddleducklabs.com

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